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Trionic Group at APEX 2014

The Trionic Group presented their full line of products at the 2014 APEX International Access Platform Exhibition on June 24-26. "APEX was a great opportunity to connect with new faces and reconnect with old friends", said Trionic Group President Christian Peyla.

Trionic Group releases CAN Display Module

In response to customer demand, the Trionic Group, has just introduced its new CAN-based Display Module. It's equipped with a 3 digit display to easily show battery charge status and fault codes to the operator. With its compact design it provides 3 momentary switches for user specific functions and 3 indicator LEDs, as well as several inputs and outputs for additional switches, sensors, lights, buzzers and joystick connectivity.

Trionic Group CEO Christian Peyla featured in Access International

Access International has published an article written by Trionic Group CEO Christian Peyla discussing the benefits of DC motor technology when used in conjunction with the Trionic SEM600 Dual Motor Controller.

Trionic Group announces GP450 Vehicle Controller

The GP450 is an electronic controller suitable for a wide range of electric, hybrid and IC industrial vehicles. It offers many I/O ...all types...high side digital outputs, analog, PWM, digital inputs. CANbus enabled to build a system with other CAN:
  • Provides protected High side outputs
  • Provides PWM outputs
  • CANbus interface
  • RS232 connection to hand-held “EZcal” for diagnostics
  • “FLASH” memory allows configuration to specific customer needs
  • Failsafe functionality to comply with EN 954-3
    • Series-wired dual ouput switches from independent microprocessors
    • Detects short-circuit output switches

SEM600 and TS100

The Trionic Group is pleased to announce the release of its innovative SEM600 Dual Motor Controller. Patented technology eliminates the need for speed, position, and steering sensors by implementing an automatic differential lock that senses when a wheel loses traction and directs torque to the other wheel. This allows for significant reduction of cost and complexity when combined with separately excited motors. Also new is the TS100 controller, a low-cost, self-contained controller designed specifically for the needs of low level access with permanent magnet motors and caster wheels.

Traction Control patent awarded

PG Trionic, Inc., Essex, MA received patent 7,956,558 from the US Patent office on June 7, 2011, for its automatic traction control system. The automatic traction control system may be used with vehicles using two separately excited motors where the armatures of the motors are connnected in series to provide differential control.

Trionic Group

The Trionic Group has officially unveiled the launch of its new website, This website contains the content found previously in and is organized such that visitors can quickly secure Trionic product application and technical information.

The Trionic Group combines the marketing activities of PG Trionic Inc. based in Essex MA, USA and Trionic Mobility Systems, SAS (TMS) based in Trans en Provence France. PG Trionic, Inc. will continue to market to all new vehicle applications in North and South America and focus its combined 50 plus years of engineering expertise in the development of vehicle management/electric motor control systems and the application support of The Trionic Group’s customers. TMS will market Trionic products to all new and existing customers in Europe and Asia.

Per Mr. Christian Peyla, The Trionic Group CEO and President, “I believe The Trionic Group is the simplest and most efficient manner to market and support Trionic products in the future.”